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Worcester’s Fountains: A Cost-Cutting Measure or a Step Towards Sustainability?

Worcester’s Fountains: A Cost-Cutting Measure or a Step Towards Sustainability?

Reducing Fountain Operation Days to Save Money

The Worcester City Council is considering reducing the number of operational days for fountains and water features in the city in order to save money. The council has proposed shutting off a fountain in Cripplegate Park and reducing the operating hours of fountains at South Quay, which would result in an annual saving of £21,400. Currently, the facilities cost around £35,600 to maintain and operate. The council’s policy and resources committee will be presented with various options, including shutting down both fountains completely or closing the Cripplegate Park fountain to save the South Quay ones.

Impact on Environment and Cost Savings

The proposed reduction in operational days for the fountains in Worcester not only aims to save money but also has environmental implications. The fountains at South Quay are currently switched on between 09:00 and 19:00 for 233 days a year, while the fountain in Cripplegate Park runs 24/7 for 168 days. By reducing the number of days and operating hours, the council hopes to align the fountains’ usage with that of the city’s splashpad in Gheluvelt Park, which recently had its opening days reduced from 166 to 100 per year, resulting in a saving of £26,000. The cost of running the two fountains includes £28,000 for servicing, maintenance, and repairs, as well as a £6,600 electric and water bill. By implementing these changes, the council aims to achieve cost savings while still providing water features for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

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