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Unveiling ‘Cruella’: Meet the Netherlands’ Most Unconventionally Adorable Pooch Making Waves!

Unveiling ‘Cruella’: Meet the Netherlands’ Most Unconventionally Adorable Pooch Making Waves!

Embracing the Beauty of Unconventional Pets

In a world that often celebrates conventional beauty standards, it is refreshing to see individuals like Tim Horsting and his partner Winny challenging societal norms by embracing the unique beauty of their Chinese Crested dog, Cruella. Despite being named the ugliest dog in the Netherlands for 2023, Cruella’s owners view the award as a “title of honor,” highlighting their appreciation for her distinctive appearance.

Unveiling the True Nature of Cruella

Contrary to her unflattering title, Cruella is described by her owners as a playful, affectionate, and friendly companion. Tim and Winny emphasize that she is actually a very sweet dog, shedding light on the misconception that physical appearance determines a pet’s character. Their love for Cruella transcends societal judgments, proving that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

A Journey of Acceptance

Tim’s initial hesitation towards owning a Chinese Crested dog quickly dissipated when he saw Cruella’s face for the first time. The couple’s decision to enter her into the “ugliest dog” competition was driven by the realization that Chinese Crested dogs often fare well in such events. However, it is important to note that Tim and Winny do not find Cruella ugly at all. Their participation in the competition serves as a testament to their acceptance of her unique appearance and their desire to challenge beauty standards.

Breaking Stereotypes and Celebrating Individuality

By proudly dressing Cruella in various outfits, Tim and Winny not only showcase their love for her but also address her specific needs. Chinese Crested dogs are prone to feeling cold and burning easily, which necessitates protective clothing. Through their actions, Tim and Winny challenge the perception that unconventional pets should be hidden away or deemed unattractive. Instead, they celebrate Cruella’s individuality by ensuring her well-being and comfort.


The story of Cruella and her loving owners, Tim and Winny, offers a powerful reminder that beauty is not confined to conventional standards. By embracing the unique appearance of their Chinese Crested dog, they challenge societal norms and encourage acceptance and celebration of individuality. Cruella’s “ugliest dog” title becomes a symbol of honor, emphasizing the beauty that lies beyond physical appearance. Let us all learn from their example and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all living beings.

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