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Unprecedented Collaboration Emerges to Combat Scotland’s Biodiversity Crisis

Unprecedented Collaboration Emerges to Combat Scotland’s Biodiversity Crisis

Scotland’s biodiversity crisis has reached a critical point, with a significant decline in natural capital and a threat to numerous species. ROBERT Gordon University (RGU) is taking action by organizing a conference to address the issue and promote sustainable solutions.

The upcoming conference, titled “Governing Natural Capital and Biodiversity for Scotland Conference 2023,” will bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss policy progress and governance related to biodiversity restoration and regeneration in Scotland. The event will also focus on the Scottish Government’s recently updated “Biodiversity Strategy to 2045,” which outlines the nation’s plans for addressing the decline in biodiversity.

Scotland’s natural capital has declined by more than 15% since 1950, making it one of the most nature-depleted nations in the world, according to a recent report by the RSPB. The report highlights a 49% decline in Scottish seabirds across 11 species, a decrease in the distribution of flowering plants, and 11% of overall species threatened with extinction.

Nicholas Maulet, SFHEA, and lecturer in energy law and policy at RGU Law School, emphasizes the timeliness of the conference in light of the UN’s COP15 on biodiversity and Scotland’s renewed policy ambition. He believes that the event will contribute to raising awareness of biodiversity decline and promoting the nation’s official approach to managing and restoring Scotland’s natural environment.

RGU’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its efforts to embed sustainability throughout its curriculum and campus initiatives. The university aims to contribute to global challenges and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference will feature keynote speakers such as Professor Roger Crofts, a UK expert in governance and environmental issues, Professor Colin Reid, an expert on biodiversity and governance, and Dr. Kerry Waylen, a researcher in environmental policy and governance.

In addition to the conference, RGU has recently launched a new course focusing on environmental law. The MSC in International Environmental Law covers legal, policy, and regulatory challenges related to the environment, including climate change, energy transition, and renewable energy.

The “Governing Natural Capital and Biodiversity for Scotland Conference 2023” will take place on November 3rd at RGU’s Ishbel Gordon Building. The event aims to promote a better understanding of Scotland’s relationship with nature and encourage proactive action to safeguard the nation’s biodiversity.

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