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Unlocking York’s Hidden Wealth: City Council’s Groundbreaking Strategies to Boost Household Income

Unlocking York’s Hidden Wealth: City Council’s Groundbreaking Strategies to Boost Household Income

The ongoing cost of living crisis is putting pressure on households, but City of York Council and partners are offering support through Talk Money Fortnight.

H2 City of York Council and partners launch Talk Money Fortnight to help households maximize income and manage expenses

In response to the ongoing cost of living crisis, City of York Council and its partners have organized Talk Money Fortnight, a two-week campaign aimed at helping residents maximize their income and manage their household budgets. With rising food prices and fuel costs, many households are struggling to make ends meet, and this initiative aims to provide them with the support they need.

During Talk Money Fortnight, a partnership of money experts will offer a range of activities, events, and resources to help residents navigate their financial challenges. The campaign will focus on providing advice on maximizing income, staying on top of bills and payments, cutting costs, and building up savings. By offering practical guidance, the organizers hope to alleviate some of the financial pressures faced by households in York.

One of the key recommendations from the campaign is for households to check if they are eligible for any benefits or allowances that could increase their income. For example, Pension Credit is available even for homeowners with savings and offers additional benefits. Applying for free school meals can also provide further assistance, including help with uniforms and extra money to support a child’s education.

Cllr Katie Lomas, Executive Member for Finance, Performance, Major Projects, Human Rights, Equality, and Inclusion at City of York Council, emphasized the importance of open and realistic conversations about money and personal finances during times of financial hardship. She believes that Talk Money Fortnight is a significant step towards making York an anti-poverty city within a decade.

Lomas encourages residents to explore the various resources and organizations involved in the Talk Money campaign, including City of York Council, the government, Citizens Advice, Stop Loan Sharks, and Community First Credit Union. These organizations offer a wealth of advice, ideas, and information to help individuals and families navigate their financial challenges.

As the cost of living crisis continues to impact households, Talk Money Fortnight provides a much-needed support system for residents in York. By offering practical guidance and access to resources, the campaign aims to help households maximize their income, manage their expenses, and ultimately build a more secure financial future.

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