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Unforgiving financial pressures push Manx music promoter to shutter operations

Unforgiving financial pressures push Manx music promoter to shutter operations

The changing financial landscape in the music industry, with bands demanding 100% of their fees 30 days prior to performance, has made it difficult for small independent promoters like Triskel Promotions to continue operating.

In recent years, the music business has undergone significant changes, particularly in terms of how shows are sourced and produced. One notable shift is the expectation for promoters to bear the full financial risk, with bands now requiring 100% of their fees well in advance of their performances. For larger acts, this is often demanded 30 days prior to the show.

Triskel Promotions, a small independent company based in the Isle of Man, has been staging shows for over 20 years, featuring both established artists and up-and-coming talents. However, the new financial demands have made it unachievable for them to continue operating.

Director Lenny Conroy expressed his appreciation for the past two decades, highlighting the joy of entertaining people and the friendships formed with musicians and venue crews. Triskel Promotions has had a long association with Bushy’s at the Bottleneck and Port Erin beach stages during the TT fortnights.

While the company is winding down its operations, it plans to put on two special shows to celebrate its two decades of operation. One show will feature Davy Knowles, a local blues rock legend, and the other will showcase an unsigned indie band called Wrest from Edinburgh.

Triskel Promotions emphasizes that the changes in business terms, particularly with larger UK agencies representing artists, have been detrimental to small-time promoters like themselves. The new approach of demanding full fees in advance, while understandable from the artists’ perspective, makes it nearly impossible for independent promoters without additional revenue sources.

The added uncertainty of travel to and from the Isle of Man has also contributed to the challenges faced by Triskel Promotions. Despite these difficulties, the company acknowledges the support it has received from the community and expresses gratitude to all those who have attended shows, worked on productions, and generally supported their endeavors.

Ultimately, Triskel Promotions’ story highlights the financial pressures faced by small independent promoters in the music industry and the impact these pressures can have on their ability to continue operating.

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