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”Truth: Hamas’ Role Exposed in Unprecedented Revelation”

”Truth: Hamas’ Role Exposed in Unprecedented Revelation”

The recent violence between Israel and Hamas has had devastating consequences, with innocent civilians and soldiers being injured or killed. Shalom Avitan, a volunteer EMT, has been on the front lines, treating victims with severe injuries. His firsthand account sheds light on the horrors of the conflict and the urgent need for the world to acknowledge the actions of Hamas.

In the past week, Avitan has witnessed unimaginable suffering. He has treated patients with life-altering injuries, including amputations, gunshot wounds, and severe burns. Among the victims were young children, some just a few months old. Avitan recalls the heartbreaking sight of burnt-out cars and people hanging out of them, as well as the terrible smell that lingers in the aftermath of violence.

One particularly poignant moment for Avitan was when he was handed two 10-month-old twins who had survived the massacre that claimed their parents’ lives. The babies were dehydrated and terrified, clinging desperately to the medical team. Although they were physically okay, they were sent to social services for care. Avitan later learned that their grandparents or uncle had come to take them.

As the conflict continues, Avitan expresses concern about tensions escalating in mixed communities where Arabs and Israelis live together, such as Jerusalem and the areas of Yehuda and Shomrom. He fears that this could lead to further violence and terror attacks. However, he also highlights the incredible support that the global Jewish community has shown, providing help, money, and supplies to those affected by the conflict.

Avitan’s interview with various media outlets has brought attention to an unsettling trend: the denial of the atrocities committed by Hamas. Some news organizations have requested videos as proof, claiming that people don’t believe what is happening. Avitan finds this request disturbing, as he has personally witnessed the devastating effects of the violence. He believes it is crucial for the world to see the truth and not remain silent about Hamas’ actions.

In conclusion, Shalom Avitan’s firsthand account sheds light on the immense suffering caused by the recent violence between Israel and Hamas. His experiences as a volunteer EMT highlight the urgent need for the world to acknowledge the atrocities committed by Hamas and not turn a blind eye to the truth. The support from the global Jewish community is heartening, but it is essential for everyone to come together to address the root causes of the conflict and work towards a lasting peace.

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