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Travis Kelce slams NFL’s obsession with Taylor Swift: Is the pop star overshadowing the game?

Travis Kelce slams NFL’s obsession with Taylor Swift: Is the pop star overshadowing the game?

Travis Kelce, star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has criticized the NFL for excessive coverage of Taylor Swift’s presence at their games, stating that the league is “overdoing it” when it comes to the pop icon’s appearances.

In a recent episode of the New Heights podcast, co-hosted by Travis and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, the NFL’s enthusiastic coverage of Swift attending a Chiefs game against the Jets was called into question. The game also saw other notable figures like Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman in the crowd.

Kelce expressed his belief that celebrities attending NFL games are not seeking the spotlight and suggested that the league should take a cue from the NBA on how to handle such situations. Unlike the NFL, the NBA tends to briefly acknowledge celebrities’ presence and then quickly refocuses on the game. Jason agreed with his brother’s perspective, stating that the NFL’s approach to showcasing celebrities at games might be excessive.

The NFL’s coverage of Taylor Swift’s appearances went beyond television broadcasts and included heavy promotion on social media platforms. The league even changed its banner image on X to feature photos of the pop icon. Additionally, an Instagram video was shared featuring Swift conversing with Blake Lively during the game, accompanied by the caption: “The @chiefs are 2-0 with @taylorswift in attendance.”

Kelce believes that both football and Swift fans may be feeling overwhelmed by the continuous coverage of the singer’s attendance at NFL games. This is not the first time Kelce has spoken about Taylor Swift, as he previously addressed the topic on the podcast in late September when rumors about their relationship were circulating.

Overall, Kelce’s criticism highlights the need for the NFL to find a balance in its coverage of celebrities at games, ensuring that the focus remains on the sport while acknowledging their presence.

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