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Tradition: British Kimono Buff Tailors Ancient Robe for Modern Lifestyle

Tradition: British Kimono Buff Tailors Ancient Robe for Modern Lifestyle

British Kimono Buff Tailors the Robe to Modern Life

In a world where traditional Japanese customs are fading from everyday life, Sheila Cliffe, a British kimono enthusiast, is on a mission to keep the kimono alive and relevant. Cliffe, who moved to Japan 38 years ago, has become a kimono influencer and advocate, introducing the beauty and charm of the traditional robe to people in Japan and overseas. Through her unique and playful approach to wearing kimono, Cliffe hopes to inspire more people to embrace this traditional garment in their daily lives.

1. A Passion for Kimono:
– Sheila Cliffe fell in love with kimono during a visit to Japan 38 years ago.
– She studied kimono, deepening her understanding of its history, production, and cultural significance.
– Cliffe considers kimono as her teacher, as it allowed her to explore Japanese lifestyle and culture.

2. Becoming a Kimono Influencer:
– Around five years ago, Cliffe started sharing information about kimono on Instagram to introduce its charm to non-Japanese people.
– Surprisingly, it was the Japanese who took notice of her colorful and unique use of kimono.
– Cliffe began receiving requests to appear on TV, feature in magazines, and even published photo books.

3. Modernizing the Kimono:
– Cliffe follows the traditional rules for tying obi sashes and putting on kimono.
– She adds modern accessories and items typically designed for Western wear to create new and unique outfits.
– By combining hats, boots, pumps, and Western-style jackets with kimono, Cliffe breaks down the barriers between traditional and Western clothing.

4. The Decline of Kimono in Japan:
– Today, many Japanese only wear kimono for special events like coming-of-age ceremonies or weddings.
– A survey conducted by kimono sales company CommonStyle revealed that a significant percentage of young Japanese have never worn a kimono.
– However, overseas, kimono is gaining popularity, with large-scale exhibitions held in art museums in London, Paris, and other countries.

Sheila Cliffe, a British kimono enthusiast, is working tirelessly to keep the tradition of kimono alive and relevant in modern life. Through her playful and innovative approach to wearing kimono, she hopes to inspire more people, both in Japan and overseas, to embrace this beautiful and culturally significant garment. As kimono continues to draw interest from around the world, Cliffe’s efforts are contributing to the preservation and promotion of traditional Japanese culture.

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