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TikTok’s Profiteering from Tragedy: Scissor Decapitation Victim’s Family Shares Heartbreaking Story

TikTok’s Profiteering from Tragedy: Scissor Decapitation Victim’s Family Shares Heartbreaking Story

Exploitative TikTok Videos Exploit Grieving Family’s Tragedy

The grieving family of Odessa Carey, a woman brutally murdered by her mentally ill daughter, is speaking out against the insensitive and exploitative TikTok videos that are profiting off their tragic loss. Despite the pain they have endured over the past four years, content creators on the social media platform continue to create ghoulish videos about the violent death. Lawrence Crook, Odessa’s son, pleads with TikTokers to consider the real people affected by these events and to stop using them for entertainment purposes.


1. The Tragic Event:
In April 2019, Odessa Carey, a great-grandmother, was found dead at her home in Ashington, Newcastle. Her mentally ill daughter, also named Odessa Carey, was charged with her murder but was deemed unfit to stand trial. A jury determined that she was responsible for the death, and she was sentenced to a hospital order. The brutal attack involved Odessa Carey Jr. cutting off her mother’s head with scissors and mutilating her body.

2. The Family’s Torment:
Lawrence Crook, Odessa’s son, has been subjected to numerous ghoulish TikTok videos about his mother’s death. These insensitive clips, created solely for likes and entertainment, have intensified the family’s pain. Lawrence urges TikTokers worldwide to consider the real families behind these tragic events and to stop exploiting their suffering.

3. Mental Health Difficulties:
Odessa Carey Jr. had a history of mental health difficulties, which escalated as she grew older. Lawrence and his family had spent years attempting to get her the help she needed, as they feared for their mother’s safety. However, an inquest into Odessa’s death revealed that Carey Jr. was assessed as “low risk” to others and was discharged from a mental health ward months before the murder, despite her repeated attacks and delusional thoughts.

4. Exploitative Videos:
The horrifying and unusual circumstances surrounding Odessa’s death have sparked a series of social media videos on platforms like TikTok. Lawrence has become aware of posts from TikTokers as far away as Canada, most of which are insensitive and lurid. Each new video resurfaces painful memories for the family, who are still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

5. Plea for Empathy:
Lawrence emphasizes that these TikTokers have no understanding of the real-life consequences behind their content. He implores them to think about the families affected before creating such videos. The family’s grief is ongoing, and the insensitivity displayed on social media only exacerbates their pain.

The exploitative TikTok videos surrounding Odessa Carey’s tragic death have deeply affected her grieving family. Lawrence Crook, Odessa’s son, has spoken out against content creators who profit from their suffering. He urges TikTokers to consider the real people behind these events and to show empathy for the families affected. It is crucial for social media platforms to address and discourage such exploitative content to protect the well-being of those impacted by such tragedies.

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