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The Art of the Interview: Secrets to Impactful Conversations

The Art of the Interview: Secrets to Impactful Conversations

art historian, spent more than 50 years studying Indian art and miniatures, changing the way these were perceived by the world.  SIMILAR STORIES Under Goswamy’s gaze, the focus turned from the “school” of painting, which meant it was identified by the king who patronised it or the region where the art originated, to tracking down the nameless artists who produced these stylised, detailed works. For him, as the interview shows, the individual mattered, whether the person was on the end of a telephone in this century or a painter from 500 years ago. Other good interviews that have yielded great reads this week include a story on the future of payments with just the tap of a ring on your finger, a feature on a new, four-week-long theatre festival in Hyderabad, and a piece on the trend of designers loaning clothes to celebrities. We also have reviews of books, films, shows and music to put on your list of things to do in the week ahead. Write to the Lounge editor at shalini.umachandran@htlive.com  @shalinimb

The art of the interview is a crucial skill for journalists, with some interviews standing out as memorable and insightful conversations.

H2 Interviewing with Impact: The Key to a Successful Conversation

In the body of the article, we will discuss the importance of effective interviewing skills for journalists, and how a successful interview can lead to an engaging and enlightening piece of content. We will also explore the impact of B.N. Goswamy’s interview as an example of a memorable and insightful conversation, highlighting his warmth, geniality, and deep expertise. Additionally, we will touch upon other notable interviews and stories that have yielded great reads, showcasing the diverse range of topics covered in interviews.

We will conclude with a call to action, encouraging readers to engage with the content and share their thoughts with the Lounge editor.

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