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Surprising Twist: Apple TV+ Pulls the Plug on Hit Show ‘The Afterparty’ After Just 2 Seasons

Surprising Twist: Apple TV+ Pulls the Plug on Hit Show ‘The Afterparty’ After Just 2 Seasons

Apple TV+ Cancels ‘The Afterparty’ After 2 Seasons

Apple TV+ has recently announced the cancellation of its murder-mystery comedy series, ‘The Afterparty,’ after two seasons. The decision to end the show was made as part of a post-strike reevaluation of the streaming series. Created by Chris Miller and executive-produced by Phil Lord, the show debuted in January 2022 under their five-year overall deal with Apple TV+.

The first season of ‘The Afterparty’ revolved around a murder at a high school reunion, with each episode showcasing a unique visual style inspired by popular film genres. The ensemble cast included Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Ben Schwartz, Ike Barinholtz, Ilana Glazer, Jamie Demetriou, and Dave Franco.

In the second season, which premiered in July, Haddish, Richardson, and Chao reprised their roles in a new tale centered on a murder at a wedding. They were joined by John Cho, Paul Walter Hauser, Ken Jeong, Anna Konkle, Poppy Liu, Elizabeth Perkins, Jack Whitehall, Zach Woods, and Vivian Wu.

Although viewership information for ‘The Afterparty’ is not available, it never broke into Nielsen’s ranking of the top 10 original streaming series. The show’s second season also lacked the same word-of-mouth buzz as its first, possibly due to streaming concurrently with the third season of ‘Only Murders in the Building.’

However, there may still be hope for ‘The Afterparty.’ Sony Pictures Television, along with TriStar Television and Lord Miller Productions, plans to shop the series to other platforms, giving it a chance to find a new home.

Overall, the cancellation of ‘The Afterparty’ after two seasons on Apple TV+ highlights the competitive nature of the streaming industry and the need for shows to generate significant viewership and buzz to secure their future.

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