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Stephen King’s Surprising Praise for JK Rowling’s Controversial New Book Ignites Buzz

Stephen King’s Surprising Praise for JK Rowling’s Controversial New Book Ignites Buzz

Stephen King Praises JK Rowling’s New Book Despite Past Disagreements on Trans Views

Despite their previous disagreements on transgender issues, Stephen King recently commended JK Rowling’s new book, The Running Grave, in a surprising turn of events.

In a recent tweet, renowned horror author Stephen King expressed his admiration for JK Rowling’s latest novel, The Running Grave, which is part of her Cormoran Strike detective series written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. King described the book as a dark and captivating read, reminiscent of the sheer readability of Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

However, fans were left perplexed by King’s praise, given his previous disagreements with Rowling over her views on transgender rights. Rowling, known for her outspoken criticisms of trans rights, has faced backlash for suggesting that she would be willing to spend two years in prison for misgendering a transgender person.

In June 2020, Rowling deleted a tweet expressing her love for King after he confirmed his support for trans women. In an interview with Daily Beast in 2021, King revealed that Rowling had “cancelled” him and blocked him on social media platforms. He emphasized that while he respects Rowling’s right to her opinion, he personally believes that trans women are women. He acknowledged their differing opinions but maintained that Rowling’s views on trans women are an outlier in her overall political stance, as she has been vocal against Brexit and former President Donald Trump.

The surprising endorsement from King highlights the complexity of navigating differing opinions and maintaining respect within the literary community. It serves as a reminder that individuals can hold differing viewpoints while still acknowledging each other’s right to express them.

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