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Snowfall’s Game-Changing Expansion in Australia: CT Partners Deal Unleashes New Opportunities

Snowfall’s Game-Changing Expansion in Australia: CT Partners Deal Unleashes New Opportunities

Snowfall’s expansion into the Australian corporate travel market through its partnership with CT Partners is a significant development that will provide TMC members with a competitive edge and advanced booking technology.

Snowfall’s Junction booking platform, which incorporates technology from PSNGR1, offers a consumer-friendly booking experience supported by a wide range of bookable content.

In recent news, travel tech firm Snowfall has made further inroads into the Australian corporate travel market by signing a deal to provide its Junction booking platform to the TMC members of CT Partners. CT Partners is a network of independently owned Australian travel firms, with a membership of 31 agencies spanning both business and leisure travel sectors. This expansion follows Snowfall’s previous deals with two Australian TMCs, Traveltrust and MP Travel, earlier this year.

The CEO of Snowfall, Stefan Cars, hailed the agreement with CT Partners as “game changing for the market” in Australia. He believes that gaining access to the Junction platform through this partnership will give TMC members affiliated with CT Partners a competitive edge. The technology offered by Junction will enable these members to offer their customers an advanced and consumer-friendly booking experience, supported by the world’s largest marketplace of bookable content.

One key feature of the Junction platform is its access to NDC-based content from airlines, which Stefan Cars considers particularly significant for the Australian market. NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program that aims to enable the development of a more transparent and efficient air travel distribution system. By incorporating NDC-based content, the Junction platform will provide TMC members with a wider range of options for their customers.

Matt Masson, the CEO of CT Partners, added that there is a lack of competition in the market, especially in terms of online booking tools. He believes that Junction will help CT Partners’ members become more competitive while providing their customers with a next-generation user experience.

This partnership between Snowfall and CT Partners is a notable development in the Australian corporate travel market. By offering advanced booking technology and a wide range of content, Snowfall’s Junction platform will empower TMC members to better serve their customers and enhance their competitiveness. As the travel industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for companies to embrace innovative solutions that prioritize customer experience and sustainability.

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