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Smith+Nephew’s Cutting-Edge European Hub Revolutionizes Surgical Training

Smith+Nephew’s Cutting-Edge European Hub Revolutionizes Surgical Training

The opening of Smith+Nephew Academy Munich represents a significant step forward in utilizing technology to advance patient care and meet the growing demand for innovative healthcare solutions. The academy aims to improve healthcare professionals’ access to education and training, ultimately redefining the standard of care for patients.

In the heart of Munich, Germany, Smith+Nephew Academy Munich has opened its doors as the latest addition to the company’s global network of nine academies. With a focus on orthopaedics, advanced wound management, and sports medicine, Smith+Nephew aims to harness technology to enhance patient care.

The academy is expected to train up to 5,000 healthcare professionals annually, providing them with the opportunity to learn new clinical skills and collaborate with fellow surgeons, scientists, and engineers. This collaboration is crucial in meeting the needs of patients, particularly as the elderly population continues to grow.

With 30-40% of patients in Germany still working, Smith+Nephew Academy Munich will serve as a European hub for surgeons to enhance their expertise in using the latest techniques. The academy offers a fully immersive digital interactive experience, allowing surgeons to get patients back to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Cynthia Walker, the global senior vice president for medical education at Smith+Nephew, emphasized that the investment in the academy is part of a global commitment to drive innovation and learning in medical technology. The goal is to create an environment where healthcare providers can learn, collaborate, and innovate to meet the needs of their patients.

The launch of Smith+Nephew Academy Munich brought together over 100 healthcare professionals, innovators, and industry partners from around the world. The event featured speakers representing patient, surgical, and political perspectives, including Jan Frodeno, an Olympic gold-medalist and three-time world Ironman champion, who shared his personal perspective on achieving excellence in sports and the importance of collaboration with medical teams.

Kenneth Garcia Marques, the senior vice president and general manager of international orthopaedics at Smith+Nephew, expressed his gratitude for the opening of the academy, stating that it marks an important milestone for the region and the company globally. He emphasized the company’s commitment to improving patients’ lives and highlighted the opportunity to expand their impact through the academy.

The state-of-the-art equipment at Smith+Nephew Academy Munich, including a Wet Lab, Digital Operating Room, and VR surgery, supports medical education and innovation, with a focus on driving the development of cutting-edge and AI technologies. Marques emphasized that AI is the most disruptive enabling technology in the last two decades and that Smith+Nephew intends to embrace and lead the adoption of this technology across their business.

The academy’s Advanced Bio-Skills lab offers a space for surgeons to participate in pioneering procedures, with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes. The facility serves as a hub for surgical training, research and development, and innovation, facilitated by a highly skilled team.

Overall, the opening of Smith+Nephew Academy Munich represents a significant stride towards advancing patient care through the use of technology. By improving access to education and training for healthcare professionals, the academy aims to redefine the standard of care and meet the growing demand for innovative healthcare solutions.

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