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Sikkim’s Desperate Search: 102 Missing in India Floods Spark Race Against Time

Sikkim’s Desperate Search: 102 Missing in India Floods Spark Race Against Time

The flash floods in Sikkim have caused significant damage to infrastructure, stranded thousands of people, and resulted in several casualties. The Indian army has launched a massive search and rescue operation to find and rescue those missing, but the rescue efforts are being hampered by incessant rains and washed-out roads and bridges.

The flash floods in the northeastern state of Sikkim have left 102 people missing, including 22 army personnel. The floods were triggered by a cloudburst over a lake, which led to the breach of the Lhonak lake’s embankment. This caused a sudden rise in water levels in the Teesta river, exacerbating the flood situation. The release of water from a nearby dam further worsened the flood situation downstream.

Rescue operations are being carried out under challenging conditions, with incessant rains and fast-flowing water making it difficult for search and rescue teams to access affected areas. The Indian army has deployed hundreds of search and rescue officers to find and rescue those missing. So far, one soldier has been rescued and is in stable condition. Unfortunately, bodies, including that of a child, have also been recovered from the flood plains of the Teesta river.

The floods have caused massive damage to infrastructure, including roads and bridges, in Sikkim. The mobile network in the northern parts of the state has also been disrupted. The state government has declared the natural calamity as a disaster and is working to provide support and assistance to those affected.

The neighboring state of West Bengal has also been affected by the floods, with water from the Teesta river inundating several districts. The state government has rescued 10,000 people and moved them to relief camps.

Sikkim is prone to floods and natural disasters due to its location in the Himalayas. Last year, severe flooding in the state displaced tens of thousands of people and resulted in multiple casualties.

The situation in Sikkim is a race against time, with authorities working tirelessly to rescue those missing and provide support to those affected by the floods. The Indian army’s search and rescue operation, despite the challenging conditions, is a testament to their dedication and commitment to saving lives.

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