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Shikellamy’s Tech Department Soars to New Heights, Fueling Innovation and Empowering Students

Shikellamy’s Tech Department Soars to New Heights, Fueling Innovation and Empowering Students

Shikellamy Technology Department Empowers Students to Build a Sustainable Future

SUNBURY — The Shikellamy School District Technology program is making strides in providing students with hands-on learning experiences that foster a deep understanding of trades and technology. During a recent work session, students and teachers from the program showcased their accomplishments and shared their enthusiasm for the new classes.

Andy Meyers, who teaches electricity, power tech, and trades experience, along with Justin Paulhamus, who teaches woodworking, presented the program’s success to the school board. They highlighted the addition of new trade classes and the high level of student engagement.

Shikellamy junior class president and school board representative, Logan Wiest, expressed his satisfaction with the program, stating, “This is a great program, and I am learning a lot.” Classmate Strohm Fatzinger echoed Wiest’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of working with their own tools to gain practical experience.

One impressive project showcased by the students was a small engine they had been working on. This hands-on approach allows students to apply their knowledge and develop valuable skills in a real-world setting.

Meyers also discussed the program’s future plans, including the possibility of a co-op program with Penn College. This collaboration would offer students the opportunity to earn 27 college credits, further enhancing their educational journey.

The Shikellamy School District Technology program’s commitment to providing students with practical skills and experiences is commendable. By empowering young minds to explore trades and technology, the program is equipping them to contribute to a sustainable future.

As the program continues to grow, it is crucial to recognize the positive impact it has on both students and the environment. By nurturing a passion for trades and technology, Shikellamy is fostering the next generation of eco-conscious leaders.

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