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Secrets of an Israeli ‘War Room’ on Lebanon’s Volatile Border: A Rare Glimpse into the Tensions and Strategies

Secrets of an Israeli ‘War Room’ on Lebanon’s Volatile Border: A Rare Glimpse into the Tensions and Strategies

Inside an Israeli ‘War Room’ on the Volatile Lebanon Border: A Female Perspective


In the midst of escalating tensions on the Israel-Lebanon border, a group of female soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are playing a crucial role in monitoring and protecting the northern border. Inside a secret location known as “Hamal” or the “war room,” these women work diligently to ensure the security of the border, watching grainy black-and-white images from cameras trained on over 100km of Lebanese territory. This article explores their experiences and the challenges they face in a volatile environment.


1. An all-female company safeguarding the border:
– Captain “S” leads the team of female soldiers who monitor the cameras in the war room.
– Their role is to serve as the eyes of the soldiers and the entire border, playing a vital role in defending Israel.
– The soldiers, most of whom are completing their compulsory military service, understand the importance of their mission.

2. Heightened tensions and daily engagements:
– Since the recent attack by Palestinian Hamas militants from Gaza, tensions on the border have been steadily increasing.
– Almost daily, Hezbollah militants from Lebanon launch anti-tank missiles into Israel, prompting Israeli forces to respond.
– Civilian casualties on both sides raise concerns about the potential for the violence to spiral out of control.

3. The constant threat of infiltration and the fear of escalation:
– Hezbollah, a powerful Lebanese military and political group backed by Iran, has been gradually increasing its efforts to infiltrate Israel.
– Any miscalculations or major events, such as a ground offensive in Gaza or a significant incident, could trigger Hezbollah to take more aggressive action.
– Sergeant “I” recalls a moment when she spotted a group of terrorists approaching the border wall and swiftly called in an air strike to prevent any harm to civilians.

4. The emotional toll and the strength of female soldiers:
– The female soldiers acknowledge the fear and stress they experience while standing at the border, especially given the current situation in the country.
– Despite the challenges, they remain focused and committed to their duty of protecting the northern border and ensuring the safety of civilians living in the area.
– The bravery and resilience of these young women serve as a testament to their dedication to their job and their country.


As tensions continue to rise on the Israel-Lebanon border, the all-female company in the war room plays a critical role in monitoring and protecting the border. Their unwavering commitment and vigilance are crucial in preventing infiltrations and ensuring the safety of civilians. Despite the fear and stress they face, these female soldiers remain strong and determined to defend their country. Their stories shed light on the important role women play in the Israeli Defense Forces and their contribution to national security.

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