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Revolutionary Upgrade: Microsoft Teams Unveils Game-Changing App for Windows and Mac

Revolutionary Upgrade: Microsoft Teams Unveils Game-Changing App for Windows and Mac

The upgraded Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac offers improved performance, new features, and enhanced security, promising to increase user productivity and team collaboration.

The new version of the Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac has been released, following a preview release a few months ago. The company claims that the new app is faster and smarter, with improved performance and reduced memory consumption. According to the Microsoft blog, the preview version of the app was up to twice as fast and consumed only half the memory.

The upgraded Teams app comes with a range of new features, including custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7×7 video, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search in chats and channels, and the ability to cross-post a channel conversation. These new features aim to enhance team collaboration and increase user productivity.

In addition to new features, the upgraded Teams app also offers enhanced security and IT management. Microsoft has discarded the Electron foundations of Teams and adopted Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology, resulting in improvements to the user interface within the app.

The transition to the new Teams app is expected to be swift and seamless. Business users will need to upgrade to the newer version to experience the new features. However, Microsoft assures users that the transition will be as simple as a software update. Users of the “classic Teams” version will be automatically transitioned to the new version in the near future.

Mac users, who were not part of the preview, will also experience improvements in the app. Additionally, the new Teams app will include Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot, which will help users have more effective meetings. Copilot in Teams chat will allow users to quickly review the main points, action items, and decisions without having to scroll through long threads.

Overall, the upgraded Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac promises to offer a faster and smarter user experience, with new features, enhanced security, and improved IT management. The transition to the new version is expected to be seamless, providing users with a more productive and collaborative environment.

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