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Revolutionary Radar System Takes Down Rogue Drones, Securing Skies

Revolutionary Radar System Takes Down Rogue Drones, Securing Skies

Fortem Technologies has unveiled its TrueView R40 drone-detection radar, which utilizes AI to filter data and ensure a protected airspace. Unlike other radar systems that point to the sky, the R40 can “see” at a low altitude, allowing it to detect drones more effectively.

H2 Fortem Technologies Launches TrueView R40 Drone-Detection Radar

Fortem Technologies, a Utah-based tech company, has introduced its latest drone-detection radar, the TrueView R40. Unveiled at the Association for the United States Army’s annual meeting and exposition, the R40 utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to filter data, avoid false alarms, and limit potential clutter, ensuring a protected airspace.

One of the key features that sets the R40 apart from other radar systems is its ability to “see” at a low altitude. Timothy Bean, president and chief operating officer of Fortem Technologies, explained that while other radar systems point to the sky, the R40 focuses on the ground. This allows it to filter out noise generated by leaves blowing, flags on flagpoles, and even air conditioning units, which can often interfere with drone detection.

By using onboard AI software, the R40 is able to effectively filter out this noise, making it one of the most advanced radar systems in the world. Bean described the R40 as the “radar below the radar,” as it is specifically designed to deal with clutter and noise that other systems cannot handle.

The TrueView R40 offers both medium and long-range radar capabilities, providing 360-degree coverage. Additionally, it can be linked with other radars to form a mesh network, further enhancing its capabilities. Despite its advanced features, the R40 is small in size and can be powered by a conventional wall socket plug, making it safe and suitable for use in urban environments.

One of the major advantages of the R40 is its affordability. Due to its compact size, Fortem Technologies is able to offer the radar at a significantly lower price point compared to larger radar systems. Bean mentioned that the company is installing its chips on $20,000 radars, and the market is beginning to recognize the value and potential of this technology.

With its advanced AI capabilities and ability to detect drones at low altitudes, the TrueView R40 drone-detection radar from Fortem Technologies is set to revolutionize the field of drone detection and protection. Its small size, affordability, and effectiveness make it an ideal solution for both military and civilian applications, ensuring a safer and more secure airspace.

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