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Revolutionary Mining Tech Secures FedNor Funding for Innovation Breakthrough

Revolutionary Mining Tech Secures FedNor Funding for Innovation Breakthrough

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Timing is crucial in the development and implementation of new technologies, as highlighted by John Burrows of Nexco Inc. The company is on the cusp of introducing a groundbreaking mining explosive technology that is both environmentally friendly and innovative in its design.

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FedNor Funds Nexco Inc. for Development of Revolutionary Mining Explosives Technology

In a recent announcement, Member of Parliament Anthony Rota revealed an unconditionally repayable contribution of $809,000 to Nexco Inc. This funding, provided through FedNor’s REGI program, will support the design and construction of a pilot plant to produce a water-resistant ammonium nitrate particle, a key component of Nexco’s new explosive technology.

This investment not only demonstrates the Government of Canada’s commitment to innovation in Northern Ontario but also underscores the potential impact of Nexco’s technology on the mining industry. By creating a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional explosives, Nexco aims to revolutionize the way mining operations are conducted while minimizing their environmental footprint.

With plans to create 37 jobs and supply a significant portion of the North American market for ammonium nitrate, Nexco’s project represents a significant step forward in the quest for greener mining practices. As the company embarks on this new process, the timing couldn’t be more opportune for them to showcase the benefits of their unique technology to the world.

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