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Revolutionary Art Exhibition Takes Cedar Mill by Storm: A Glimpse into the Future of Creativity

Revolutionary Art Exhibition Takes Cedar Mill by Storm: A Glimpse into the Future of Creativity

cello and the Big Horn Brass Trombone Consort, who will accompany the double choir work “Alleluja, freuet euch ihr Christen alle” by Andreas Hammerschmidt. ISing’s mission is to share innovative and exceptional choral music while supporting local non-profit organizations. Ising Choir, based in Beaverton, draws singers from around the metro area including a number who reside in our communities north of Sunset Highway. All participants volunteer their time and cover their own expenses, even when the choir travels internationally. ISingers sing for the joy and challenge of it, for the beneficiaries, for each other, and most certainly for an appreciative and generous audience! The ticket price simply covers facilities/box office costs. The choir will be accepting separate donations and 100% will go to this season’s beneficiary, Depave Portland, whose work empowers disenfranchised communities to overcome social and environmental injustices and adapt to climate change through urban re-greening. To date, Ising Choir has raised $407,533 for worthy causes and increased public awareness of non-profits that are making a positive impact in our community. These concerts are made possible by grants from the Beaverton City Arts Program, the Cultural Coalition of Washington County, and the Oregon Cultural Trust.

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