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Revolutionary AI-Powered System Revolutionizes Delivery Van Safety, Unveiled by Amazon

Revolutionary AI-Powered System Revolutionizes Delivery Van Safety, Unveiled by Amazon

Amazon’s new Automated Vehicle Inspection (AVI) technology, developed in partnership with UVeye, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and classify potential issues with Amazon delivery vans. This technology improves fleet safety and provides valuable insights for fleet managers.

In the world of delivery services, safety is of utmost importance. Amazon recognizes this and has unveiled a new AI-powered technology called Automated Vehicle Inspection (AVI) that aims to keep drivers safe by identifying potential problems with delivery vans before they become on-road issues. This technology is developed in partnership with tech startup UVeye and will be launched in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the UK.

Traditionally, fleet managers have relied on manual inspections and the human eye to identify any abnormalities in delivery vans. However, with AVI, fleet managers can now rely on AI to spot even the smallest anomalies, such as tire deformities, undercarriage wear, and bent or warped body pieces. This offers reassurance to fleet managers and helps improve the safety of the nearly 280,000 drivers who deliver packages to Amazon customers.

One of the key benefits of AVI is its scalability. With DSP drivers delivering a staggering 20 million packages every day, the ability of AVI to handle this volume is crucial. Additionally, AVI provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of detected vehicle issues, allowing them to track recurring problems on particular routes.

So, how does AVI work? At the end of each workday, DSP drivers drive through an AVI archway equipped with sensors and cameras. The AI system performs a full-vehicle scan as the vehicle rolls at 5 mph, quickly identifying any problems and classifying them based on severity. The results are then immediately sent to a computer, enabling fleet managers to determine the necessary fixes and services for well-maintained vehicles the next day.

This technology’s effectiveness lies in its use of machine “stereovision,” which utilizes two vantage points to construct a full 3D image of the vehicle. Additionally, AVI relies on deep learning, a subset of machine learning that mimics the learning processes of the human brain. Originally designed for scanning the undersides of vehicles at borders and security checkpoints, AVI has been adapted to seek more specific and minute details, such as vehicle damage.

Amazon’s collaboration with UVeye showcases their commitment to utilizing innovative technologies to enhance safety and efficiency in their delivery operations. By leveraging AI-powered inspection technology like AVI, Amazon is taking proactive measures to prevent potential issues and ensure the well-being of their drivers and the smooth functioning of their fleet.

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