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Restaurant Owners Fight Back Against Reservation-Hoarding Bots: A Game-Changing Battle Begins

Restaurant Owners Fight Back Against Reservation-Hoarding Bots: A Game-Changing Battle Begins

The rise of reservation-hoarding bots is causing frustration for restaurant owners and creating a market for reselling reservations on platforms like Appointment Trader.

In recent months, restaurant owners in New York City have noticed a growing problem with reservation-hoarding bots. These software programs are designed to quickly snatch up reservations as soon as they become available and then resell them for a profit. The operators behind these bots are making hundreds of dollars by reselling reservations on websites like Appointment Trader.

Restaurant owners, such as those at Don Angie, Dhamaka, Semma, Farra Wine Bar, and Virginia’s, have all reported being burned by these bots. They have noticed certain names making multiple reservations and either no-showing or having different guests use them. Some guests even appear nervous when checking in, using fake names or invalid credit cards.

These bots not only create a frustrating experience for potential diners who are unable to secure a reservation, but they also have a negative impact on restaurant owners. They miss out on the opportunity to fill seats, lose time, and potentially lose revenue. Additionally, they may be hesitant to cancel suspicious reservations in fear of canceling a legitimate reservation.

Another issue that arises from the presence of these bots is the unrealistic expectations of guests who pay a premium to secure a reservation. When guests pay a significant amount of money just to walk through the door, they may have unreasonably high expectations for their dining experience.

To combat this problem, restaurant owners are looking for ways to identify and prevent bot activity. They have noticed patterns in reservations made by bots, such as prime time, back-to-back reservations on weekends or invalid contact information associated with the reservation.

Overall, the rise of reservation-hoarding bots is a serious issue for restaurants and bars in New York City. It not only creates frustration for potential diners but also leads to lost revenue and unrealistic expectations. Restaurant owners are working to find solutions to this problem and protect their businesses from the negative impact of these bots.

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