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NASA Impressed by Chandrayaan-3 Craft Development, Urges India to Share Space Technology: ISRO Chief Reveals

NASA Impressed by Chandrayaan-3 Craft Development, Urges India to Share Space Technology: ISRO Chief Reveals

India’s space agency, ISRO, has impressed NASA-JPL experts with its space technology and capabilities, leading to a request for technology sharing between the two countries. This highlights India’s growing prowess in the space sector and its potential to become a global leader in space technology.

In a recent event organized by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s Foundation, ISRO chief S Somanath revealed that experts from NASA-JPL were impressed by the developmental activities of India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft. They expressed interest in India sharing its space technology with the US after witnessing the spacecraft’s design and development process.

Somanath emphasized that India has the knowledge, intelligence, and capabilities to build advanced devices and rockets. He stated that India is a powerful nation with one of the best knowledge and intelligence levels in the world. This is the reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened up the space sector to private players, allowing for more innovation and growth.

During the development of Chandrayaan-3, ISRO invited experts from NASA-JPL to learn about the spacecraft’s design and how it was built. The US experts were particularly impressed by the scientific instruments used in the mission, which they found to be cheap and easy to build, yet of high technology. They even suggested that India should consider selling these instruments to America.

This exchange between ISRO and NASA-JPL highlights the changing times and India’s capabilities in building advanced equipment and rockets. It also showcases India’s potential to become a major player in the global space industry.

Furthermore, Somanath encouraged young people to follow the ideology of former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who believed in the power of dreams. He urged them to dream big and contribute to India’s space technology sector. Somanath mentioned that there are already several companies in India, such as Agnikul in Chennai and Skyroot in Hyderabad, building rockets and satellites.

Overall, India’s space sector is rapidly advancing, and its collaboration with NASA-JPL demonstrates the country’s growing reputation as a leader in space technology. With the government’s support and the involvement of private players, India is poised to make significant contributions to the global space industry while nurturing the dreams of young aspiring scientists and engineers.

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