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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Reveals Game-Changing Free Coupons List to Supercharge Your Savings

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Reveals Game-Changing Free Coupons List to Supercharge Your Savings

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert, has compiled a list of money-saving tips, including the use of coupons and advice on managing credit card debt. Lewis regularly shares his tips on social media and in newsletters, providing valuable advice to help ease financial pressure.

In his latest newsletter, Lewis highlights various ways to save money, such as using discount cards and coupons, as well as taking advantage of free items. Some of his top tips include:

1. Discounts for emergency services: NHS and care workers can sign up for a Blue Light Card, which offers discounts on various products and services. Other emergency services, such as the fire service, RNLI, Mountain Rescue, and Red Cross, are also eligible for the card.

2. Be Paid to Pay: When using cards like Apple Pay or Google Pay, it’s worth checking out the cashback and rewards options available. Some top picks currently include the Chase cashback debit card, the Amex preferred rewards gold, and the Amex platinum every day.

3. Using coupons: The Money Saving Expert team regularly shares digital coupons for various items, including money off on cereal and free drinks like 7up.

4. Credit card debt: Lewis advises those with credit or store cards to carry out a two-minute test to make their debt interest-free. The 0% Eligibility Calculator can help individuals become debt-free quicker.

5. Free coffee or tea: By signing up for the Waitrose loyalty scheme, customers can save money on items by bringing their own cup and swiping their card at checkout. Other places, such as Ikea and Greggs, also offer free coffee and tea deals for loyalty cardholders.

6. Debt advice: Lewis emphasizes the importance of managing credit card debt, as debit card interest rates are typically double that of credit cards. It’s crucial to explore ways to reduce the cost of debt and make it more affordable.

7. Free family passes: The National Trust is currently giving away thousands of free family passes until a specified date.

By following these money-saving tips, individuals can alleviate financial pressure and improve their overall financial well-being.

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