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Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand: A Royal Family Timebomb?

Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand: A Royal Family Timebomb?

This EcoReporter segment delves into the potential environmental impact of Meghan Markle’s new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, and its implications for the Royal Family. The segment highlights concerns that the brand could be a ‘ticking timebomb’ for the Royals, with suggestions that it may even lead to the removal of their titles.

The segment discusses how the brand’s launch has already garnered significant attention, with over 570,000 followers on social media. American Riviera Orchard is described as a lifestyle and cookery brand, expected to feature products like marmalades, jams, and home decor items. Meghan’s ambitious plans for the brand have also reportedly led to her and Prince Harry being ‘downgraded’ on the Buckingham Palace website.

Royal expert Tom Bowers has criticized the rushed nature of the brand launch, pointing out that Meghan has not yet appointed a chief executive to manage the business. He suggests that the brand could be seen as a threat to the Royal Family’s reputation, prompting concerns about the sanctity of the British monarchy.

The segment also touches upon Meghan’s partnership with Netflix and the potential for a cookery show to tie in with their streaming deal. It is noted that while the Sussexes signed a lucrative deal with Netflix, the renewal of the contract for 2025 is still pending confirmation.

Overall, the segment aims to provide a balanced perspective on the environmental and societal implications of Meghan Markle’s new brand, shedding light on the potential challenges it may pose for both the Royal Family and the environment.

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