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Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Home: A Beacon of Hollywood History Faces Demolition

Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Home: A Beacon of Hollywood History Faces Demolition

Los Angeles, CA – The iconic Brentwood home of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe is currently in the spotlight, not for its illustrious past, but for its uncertain future. Recent developments have revealed that the residence, where Monroe lived during the final moments of her life, is on the brink of demolition. However, efforts are underway to preserve this piece of Hollywood history.

A Glimpse into the Past Marilyn Monroe, the silver screen goddess, purchased the 1920s-era Brentwood home in the early 1960s. It was in this very residence that the actress tragically passed away from an overdose in 1962 at the tender age of 36. The house stands as a testament to Monroe’s life, reflecting her personal character and the choices she made. From the wooden-beamed ceilings to the tiles she hand-picked from her global travels, every detail of the home echoes Monroe’s essence.

The Current Dilemma The property, which has seen several owners since Monroe’s time, was recently acquired in 2017 for a sum of over $7 million. The Los Angeles Times reported that it was later sold to the Glory of the Snow Trust for $8.35 million earlier this year. The reasons behind the owner’s intent to demolish the home remain unclear. However, the news of the impending demolition has caused an uproar among local history enthusiasts and fans of the late actress.

Efforts to Save the Legacy Councilwoman Traci Park, representing the 11th District which includes Monroe’s home, introduced a motion to the Los Angeles City Council to declare the property a historic-cultural monument. This move aims to spare the home from demolition and preserve it for future generations. The motion was approved unanimously, marking a significant step towards safeguarding the property. Park emphasized the importance of the home, stating, “For people all over the world, Marilyn Monroe was more than just a movie icon. Her story, from her challenging childhood growing up in orphanages and foster homes to becoming a global sensation, is a shining example of what it means to overcome adversity.”

The Road Ahead While the motion to declare the property a historic-cultural monument has been set in motion, the final decision rests with the city’s historic commission. They will review any plans the current owners might have for the property. Until then, the home stands as a beacon of Hollywood’s golden era, reminding us of the legacy of Marilyn Monroe.

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