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Llandovery Receives Life-Changing Funds from The National Lottery Community Fund

Llandovery Receives Life-Changing Funds from The National Lottery Community Fund

A Grant from The National Lottery Community Fund Empowers Llandovery Youth and Community Centre to Tackle the Cost-of-Living Crisis

In an effort to combat the cost-of-living crisis and enhance community capacity in Llandovery, The National Lottery Community Fund has granted £155,000 to the Llandovery Youth and Community Centre (LYCC). This funding will support the implementation of the Llandovery Coordinators Project, a two-year initiative led by LYCC and supported by the Rural Futures Programme.

The primary objectives of the project are to alleviate the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, improve access to essential services, and foster community engagement. To achieve these goals, the project will employ two freelance coordinators who will spearhead a range of community activities and provide assistance during local events and festivals. The project also aims to introduce new community initiatives and create numerous volunteering opportunities in 2024-2025.

The project has garnered support from various local groups and businesses, including Llandovery Town Council, Heart of Wales LGBTQ+, Llandovery Motorbike Weekend, Llandovery Co-op Member Pioneer, Llandovery Sheep Festival, Basel Cottage Holidays, and Teglan Design Associates. Jill Tatman, a representative from LYCC, expressed gratitude for the National Lottery Community Fund’s support and highlighted the project’s potential to make a significant difference in Llandovery.

Peter Willis from Rural Futures commended LYCC and the project’s steering group for their dedication and experience, emphasizing that their involvement would ensure the project’s effectiveness in positively impacting the lives of Llandovery residents. Rob Roffe, the head of the National Lottery Community Fund in Wales’ Mid and West Region, expressed pride in supporting grassroots groups and charities like LYCC, recognizing their role in addressing the cost-of-living crisis and facilitating access to vital services.

The National Lottery Community Fund is renowned as the UK’s largest funder of community activity, committed to fostering stronger social connections and supporting initiatives that bring people together to benefit their communities. By empowering LYCC and its partners, the fund enables local organizations to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of individuals in Llandovery.

As the Llandovery Coordinators Project takes shape, the community can look forward to more information on how to apply for the project coordinator positions. This initiative promises to not only alleviate the cost-of-living crisis but also strengthen the community’s resilience, foster social connections, and enhance access to essential services in Llandovery.

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