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Legendary Doc Watson Tribute Concert at Virginia Tech: A Musical Homage to Folk’s Finest

Legendary Doc Watson Tribute Concert at Virginia Tech: A Musical Homage to Folk’s Finest

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Doc Watson Through Music

Doc at 100 Concert Program Honors the Legendary Doc Watson

The Montgomery Museum of Art & History and Virginia Tech’s Appalachian Studies program are joining forces to present the “DOC AT 100” concert program on November 1st at the Moss Arts Center. This traveling concert program pays tribute to the life and legacy of the renowned musician, Doc Watson, featuring artists who performed with him, were influenced by his music, and considered him a friend.

Among the artists performing in the concert are T. Michael Coleman and Jack Lawrence, who had the privilege of working, recording, and touring with Doc for a longer time than any other musicians. Joining them are fellow guitarists Wayne Henderson and Jack Hinshelwood, both of whom were deeply impacted by Doc’s music through his recordings and live performances. Wayne and Doc shared a close friendship, with Doc often visiting Wayne’s guitar-making shop in Rugby, Virginia, especially in his later years.

Ted Olson, a professor of Appalachian studies at East Tennessee State University, has written a book called “Doc’s World: Traditional Plus,” which accompanies a four-CD compilation of Doc’s recordings released in 2022. Titled “Doc Watson, Life’s Work: A Retrospective,” this compilation showcases the breadth of Doc’s career. The “DOC AT 100” concert program will commence with a talk led by Ted Olson, the concert host, focusing on the legacy of Doc. Following the talk, artists who knew Doc as a friend and fellow performer will share their stories, and audience members will be encouraged to share their own experiences of Doc’s impact on their lives.

This concert program offers an evening of storytelling and traditional music, providing a unique opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Doc Watson. Additionally, a humanities talk will take place on November 1st at 2 p.m. in the Cube at the Moss Arts Center. Hosted by Ted Olson, Jack Hinshelwood, T. Michael Coleman, and Patrick Salmons, this discussion invites Virginia Tech students, staff, and faculty to explore Doc Watson’s cultural influence on Appalachia. Interested participants are encouraged to register in advance due to limited space.

Concert tickets can be purchased online through the Montgomery Museum of Art & History’s website or by calling the Moss Arts Center Box Office. General admission costs $25, with a door price of $30. Virginia Tech or Radford University students with valid student IDs can purchase tickets for $15, while children aged 12 and under can attend for $10. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Montgomery Museum of Art & History, supporting their mission to preserve and promote Appalachian heritage.

In conclusion, the “DOC AT 100” concert program is a remarkable tribute to Doc Watson, showcasing the profound impact he had on the music world. Through captivating performances and heartfelt stories, this event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of Doc’s life and legacy. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the timeless beauty of traditional music and honor the cultural influence of Doc Watson on Appalachia.

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