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Launceston’s New Tech Innovation Hub Ignites Entrepreneurial Revolution

Launceston’s New Tech Innovation Hub Ignites Entrepreneurial Revolution

The new tech lab at Launceston’s Henty House will drive innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Tasmania by harnessing the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). It will provide startups, businesses, students, and the community with access to the latest IoT technology and infrastructure.

The Rockliff Liberal Government, in collaboration with Telstra, has co-funded the lab, which will be the first of its kind in the state. Deputy Premier Michael Ferguson believes that IoT presents significant opportunities for local entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and bring their ideas to life. The lab will offer specialist equipment and expertise to support the development of new devices and business models, contributing to the growth of the Tasmanian economy.

The lab’s fit-out includes a fully equipped electronics workbench for developing electronic hardware and a state-of-the-art pick and place machine for prototype manufacturing. It also offers prototyping facilities for enclosures and mounting solutions, incorporating advanced technologies like vacuum forming, 3D scanning, and printing.

The investment in local talent and innovation is expected to create higher-value local jobs and encourage people to stay in or relocate to Tasmania to start businesses. Minister for Science and Technology Madeleine Ogilvie highlights the booming ICT sector in Tasmania and believes that the lab will provide opportunities for businesses to revolutionize established practices and create new ways of working and living.

The establishment of the IoT lab is part of the Greater Launceston Transformation Project, which aims to foster technological advancement and has received funding from various government bodies and organizations.

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