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Johnson County Unveils Thriving Business Scene: A Closer Look at the Latest Developments

Johnson County Unveils Thriving Business Scene: A Closer Look at the Latest Developments

One of the highlights of the upcoming Johnson County business news is the Farmers Market hosted by Greenwood Tractor Supply store. This event not only supports local businesses but also promotes the consumption of locally-grown, fresh produce. It provides an opportunity for the community to connect with their neighbors and enjoy seasonal products. The participation of vendors and the open invitation to the public further emphasize the inclusive nature of this event.

In addition, Morton Family Dental Care will be hosting a free Dentistry Day, offering dental services to residents in the Franklin and surrounding areas. This initiative demonstrates the commitment of the dental care center to provide accessible healthcare to the community. Cleanings, fillings, and extractions will be provided, ensuring that individuals can receive essential dental care without financial barriers.

The Garrett Companies, a real estate company specializing in multifamily investments, has experienced significant growth in 2023. With a 167% increase in completed developments compared to the previous year, the company has achieved remarkable milestones. The creation of a Strategic Advisory Board and the launch of new initiatives, such as specialty coffee shop Runway 19 and HVAC contractor BlueStar Mechanical, highlight the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion.

Furthermore, The Garrett Companies’ talent growth and office relocations reflect their confidence in the future of their business. The addition of 100 team members and the promotion of 11 employees to new leadership positions demonstrate the company’s investment in its employees and their professional growth.

The Franklin Chamber of Commerce has also announced several upcoming events. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of the Yandes St. project and the grand opening of Scooter’s Coffee provide opportunities for community members to celebrate local businesses. The QuickBooks Workshop organized by the Franklin Chamber of Commerce aims to enhance participants’ understanding of QuickBooks applications and resources, empowering local entrepreneurs and business owners.

Lastly, the Franklin Chamber of Commerce is seeking parade participants for the Annual Lighted Holiday Parade. This event brings the community together during the festive season and provides an opportunity for businesses and organizations to showcase their creativity and holiday spirit.

Overall, these upcoming events and business news demonstrate the vibrancy and growth of the Johnson County community. From supporting local farmers to promoting dental health and celebrating business achievements, the community is actively engaged in creating a thriving and sustainable environment for all.

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