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Jimmy Kimmel Unleashes Epic Roast on McCarthy, Debunks Democrats’ Role in Speaker Chaos

Jimmy Kimmel Unleashes Epic Roast on McCarthy, Debunks Democrats’ Role in Speaker Chaos

The chaotic situation unfolding in the House of Representatives regarding the election of a new speaker has sparked a blame game between Republicans and Democrats, with former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy refusing to take responsibility for the turmoil.

In a recent interview with Fox News, McCarthy blamed Democrats for the current situation, despite the fact that Republicans still hold the majority in the House. He claimed that if every Democrat had not voted with eight Republicans to “shut this place down,” they wouldn’t be facing this mess. However, his theory was met with ridicule from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who compared McCarthy to spoiling hor d’oeuvres.

The group of eight Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy was led by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, who used a motion to vacate to remove McCarthy from his position. Gaetz cited McCarthy’s recent deal with President Joe Biden to avoid a government shutdown as a reason for his dissatisfaction. McCarthy had initially made compromises with ultra-conservative representatives to secure his speakership earlier this year, without reaching across the aisle to gain Democrat votes.

Kimmel sarcastically questioned McCarthy’s refusal to blame Democrats, highlighting the fact that Republicans had approached Democrats with a request for their votes, promising to give them nothing in return except insults and accusations. Kimmel joked that Republicans had asked Democrats to help them elect a speaker and, in exchange, they would be called “communists and groomers.”

Currently, Republicans are struggling to elect a new speaker that the party can agree on. Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio has been the latest choice, but he has failed to secure enough votes in two rounds. On the other hand, Democrats remain united behind House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and have not provided any votes to help Republicans end the impasse they created for themselves.

In a second vote held on Wednesday, Jordan again fell short of reaching the required 217 votes. The situation remains tense as Republicans continue their search for a new speaker, while Democrats stand firm behind Jeffries.

Overall, the blame game between Republicans and Democrats over the chaotic situation in the House of Representatives reflects the deep divisions within the GOP and the challenges they face in electing a new speaker. The ongoing struggle highlights the need for unity and cooperation within the party to effectively govern and address the pressing issues facing the nation.

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