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Infor’s Fashion-Focused CloudSuite Revolutionizes the Industry, Unveils Innovative Solutions for Success

Infor’s Fashion-Focused CloudSuite Revolutionizes the Industry, Unveils Innovative Solutions for Success

Infor’s latest product release for the fashion industry introduces new capabilities that promote sustainable product innovation, profitability, and adaptability to trends.

Infor, a leading player in the cloud software industry, has recently unveiled a range of platform technologies and improvements to its industry-specific CloudSuites. This initiative is part of Infor’s new bi-annual product launch strategy, aimed at enhancing its solutions for various industries. Specifically, Infor is focusing on enhancing its CloudSuite solution for the fashion industry by introducing new capabilities.

The goal of these innovations is to facilitate sustainable product innovation, help fashion brands drive profitability, stay adaptable to trends, and expand their operations. Infor recognizes the importance of incorporating sustainability into the fashion industry and aims to support brands in making more informed decisions that consider costs, materials, and environmental impacts.

One of the key offerings in Infor’s latest product release is the Infor PLM for Fashion. This Product Lifecycle Management solution revolutionizes decision-making for fashion brands by fostering intelligence and sustainability. It assists in the design and development of new collections and styles while considering various factors, such as costs, materials, and environmental impacts. By integrating sustainability into the design process, fashion brands can create products that align with their values and meet the demands of environmentally-conscious consumers.

In addition to the PLM solution, Infor also introduced the Infor Nexus Supply Chain Network Capabilities. These capabilities empower fashion brands to gain enhanced transparency and control over their global sourcing supply chain. The Infor Nexus network provides comprehensive supply chain visibility, covering everything from planning to shipping. It includes features like carrier routes, automated advanced shipping notices, and streamlined invoice processing. By having better visibility and control over their supply chain, fashion brands can optimize operations, reduce waste, and improve overall sustainability.

Another noteworthy partnership introduced by Infor is the Merchandise and Assortment Planning Partnership with Foresight Retail. This collaboration enables smart planning and speeds up deployment through pre-configured, customizable templates. Infor’s CloudSuite Fashion platform helps manage financial planning, assortment planning, forecasting, inventory allocation, and replenishment support in one integrated platform. By streamlining these processes, fashion brands can make more informed decisions, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

In addition to these industry-specific solutions, Infor has also unveiled the Infor Enterprise Automation solution. This suite of Infor Operating Service multi-tenant cloud services hosted on Amazon Web Services is designed to facilitate swift scaling of automation across organizations. It integrates data integration, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation capabilities into a unified platform. By automating business processes, organizations can accelerate outcomes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service.

Overall, Infor’s latest product release for the fashion industry offers a range of capabilities that promote sustainability, profitability, and adaptability. By incorporating these innovations into their operations, fashion brands can drive positive change, make more informed decisions, and meet the evolving demands of consumers. Infor’s commitment to industry-specific solutions and continuous improvement sets the stage for business transformation and a more sustainable fashion industry.

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