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How a Hollywood Manager Transformed a Spec Home into a Showstopper

How a Hollywood Manager Transformed a Spec Home into a Showstopper

The transformation of a modern spec home into a personalized space that showcases art and provides a relaxing environment can be achieved through thoughtful interior design choices.

The upcoming EcoReporter segment will explore how Hollywood manager Meredith Rothman turned a boxy, modern spec home into a special and unique space. Inspired by the floor-to-ceiling windows and abundance of natural light, Rothman enlisted the help of interior designer Lauren Waters to bring her vision to life.

Waters saw the potential in the blank canvas of the spec home and assured Rothman that it could be transformed into a space for intriguing furniture and great art. With this assurance, Rothman entrusted Waters with the task of creating a home that would serve as a place to unwind, host gatherings, and showcase her art collection.

Rothman’s art collection includes works by renowned artists such as Analia Saban and John Baldessari, as well as a charcoal drawing by her grandmother, who was Kim Novak’s voice coach in Vertigo. Rothman believes in collecting artists she connects with, adding a personal touch to her collection.

The top-floor primary bedroom of Rothman’s home is a serene space dominated by a custom wall-to-wall upholstered headboard and windows that frame the lush hillside and a 200-year-old oak tree. The room’s color palette is kept neutral, with a rust velvet bench providing the sole splash of color. Rothman admits that Waters was right in insisting on neutrals, as she sleeps better in the space.

Other areas of the home have also been transformed to fit Rothman’s lifestyle and preferences. A second bedroom has been turned into a gym, and a clunky fireplace wall has been converted into an open bookcase, dividing the dining space from the living room. The kitchen features updated finishes, encouraging Rothman’s culinary experiments.

The segment will delve into the details of the interior design choices, including the custom furniture, art pieces, and finishes that have transformed the spec home into a special and personalized space for Rothman.

Overall, this EcoReporter segment will highlight how thoughtful interior design can turn a generic spec home into a unique and environmentally-friendly space that reflects the owner’s personality and passions.

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