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Harkara OTT Release Date Revealed: Much-Awaited Online Premiere

Harkara OTT Release Date Revealed: Much-Awaited Online Premiere

The Importance of Harkara in India’s Postal Service

India’s postal service has a rich history, and the movie ‘Harkara’ sheds light on the significance of the very first postman, who was known as Harkara or Thabaalkaaran. Directed by Ram Arun Castro, the film portrays the story of Harkara, who lived 150 years ago in a remote village before India’s independence. The movie highlights the crucial role played by postmen in society, as they not only delivered messages but also read letters to people, provided medical assistance, escorted sick individuals to hospitals, and even facilitated matchmaking.

Historian and author Steve Borgia emphasized the importance of postmen, stating that they were the heart of society. When the British arrived in India, the first person they hired was a postman, who risked his life to ensure the delivery of messages. However, with the advent of modern technology and digital communication, the role of postmen has diminished, and many young people today may not even be familiar with the concept of a postman.

Release Date and Cast

The movie ‘Harkara,’ featuring Kaali Venkat, Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, Ram Arun Castro, Gowthami Chowdhry, Nicolas Fluster, and Pichaikkaran Moorthy, was released in theaters on August 26. It will soon be available on the online platform Aha Tamil/Aha on Sunday, October 1, 2023. The film received positive reviews from both critics and audiences upon its theatrical release.

The music for ‘Harkara’ is composed by Ramshanker, and the cinematography and editing are handled by Philip R Sundar, Lokesh Elangovan, and Dani Charles. The stunts are choreographed by Run Ravi, and VRK Ramesh is responsible for the art direction. ‘Harkara’ is produced by Kalorful Beta Movement and presented by the makers of V1 Murder Case.


‘Harkara’ brings to light the fascinating history of India’s postal service and the pivotal role played by the first postman, Harkara. The film showcases the importance of postmen in society, their dedication to delivering messages, and their involvement in various aspects of people’s lives. With its upcoming release on the online platform Aha Tamil/Aha, ‘Harkara’ offers audiences an opportunity to delve into India’s postal service history and appreciate the significant contributions made by postmen throughout the years.

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