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Groundbreaking UAW Strike Ends: Stellantis and Union Reach Tentative Deal, Unprecedented Pay Rise

Groundbreaking UAW Strike Ends: Stellantis and Union Reach Tentative Deal, Unprecedented Pay Rise

The tentative pay deal between Stellantis and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union marks the end of a six-week strike and includes significant wage increases for workers.

In a historic move, the UAW targeted all three major automakers, including Stellantis, GM, and Ford, in strikes that began in September. While deals have been reached with Stellantis and Ford, negotiations with GM are ongoing.

Under the agreement with Stellantis, wages for most workers will increase by 25% over the next four-and-a-half years. The lowest-paid workers will see wages rise by more than 165% over the same period. This pay increase reflects the union’s efforts to secure fair compensation for its members.

In addition to wage increases, the deal includes plans for Stellantis to reopen an assembly plant in Belvidere, Illinois, which had been closed earlier this year. The company has also committed to building a new battery plant adjacent to the existing Belvidere factory. These actions will not only bring back jobs for workers but also contribute to the growth of the electric vehicle industry.

The UAW’s successful strike action demonstrates the power of collective bargaining and the ability to achieve significant gains for workers. UAW President Shawn Fain expressed pride in the union’s accomplishments, stating that they had achieved what was once deemed impossible.

The agreement between Stellantis and the UAW has received praise from US President Joe Biden, who commended both parties for reaching a historic agreement that guarantees workers fair pay, benefits, and respect.

While progress has been made with Stellantis and Ford, negotiations with GM have not yet resulted in a deal. The UAW has extended its strike against GM to the company’s plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, citing the automaker’s refusal to reach a fair agreement. GM expressed disappointment with the union’s action and emphasized its commitment to bargaining in good faith.

The outcome of the ongoing negotiations with GM remains uncertain, and the company has withdrawn its profit forecasts for the year due to the unpredictable nature of the stand-off. However, GM has highlighted its efforts to offer a “record” contract in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

As the UAW continues its fight for fair treatment and compensation, the outcome of the negotiations with GM will have significant implications for the future of labor relations in the auto industry.

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