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Genie Ventures Partners with Cambridge United Women for Groundbreaking Sponsorship Deal

Genie Ventures Partners with Cambridge United Women for Groundbreaking Sponsorship Deal

Cambridge United Women’s team secures a record-breaking sponsorship deal with Genie Ventures, a Cambridge-based ecommerce technology and marketing business. This sponsorship highlights the continued growth of the Women’s team and their commitment to promoting women’s football.

H2 Genie Ventures Supports Cambridge United Women’s Team with Back of Shirt Sponsorship

In a significant development for Cambridge United Women’s team, the club has secured a record-breaking sponsorship deal with Genie Ventures, an ecommerce technology and marketing business. This partnership will see Genie Ventures’ logo displayed on the back of the Women’s shirts for the remainder of the 2023/24 season.

Genie Ventures, founded in 2008, operates three successful brands: Broadband Genie, Genie Goals, and Genie Shopping. The company employs 60 people and has established a strong presence in the consumer broadband comparison, ecommerce marketing, and advertising sectors.

This sponsorship deal is another positive indication of the Women’s team’s continuous growth, following a record-breaking front-of-shirt sponsorship signed at the beginning of the season. Neil Rowe, Head of Commercial at Cambridge United, expressed his delight in welcoming Genie Ventures as an official commercial partner and back of shirt sponsor for the Women’s team. He highlighted the shared values of community and promotion of women’s football, with one of Genie Ventures’ directors currently coaching a grassroots U15 side, Cherry Hinton Lionesses.

The investment and support from Genie Ventures are expected to have a significant impact on the overall growth of Cambridge United Women’s team. The club is fully committed to expanding and developing the team, and this sponsorship will contribute to that mission.

Ciaron Dunne, Executive Chair of Genie Ventures, expressed his happiness in supporting Cambridge United Women. He emphasized the company’s strong beliefs and aspirations in promoting diversity and inclusion, stating that this partnership aligns perfectly with their values. Dunne also acknowledged the rise of women’s football and women’s sport in general as symbols of positive change in society. He emphasized that there is still much more to be done and expressed admiration for the leadership philosophy at Cambridge United, both on and off the pitch. Dunne praised the club as a genuine community organization, highlighting the excitement surrounding the team and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be part of their journey.

In conclusion, the sponsorship deal between Genie Ventures and Cambridge United Women’s team marks another milestone in the team’s growth and demonstrates the club’s commitment to promoting women’s football. The support and investment from Genie Ventures will undoubtedly contribute to the overall development and success of the team. This partnership also reflects the positive changes happening in society regarding women’s sports and serves as an inspiration for further progress. Cambridge United Women’s team and Genie Ventures embark on an exciting season together, united in their shared values of diversity, inclusion, and community.

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