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Game-changing vending technology disrupts UK market, as Kepak revolutionizes the industry

Game-changing vending technology disrupts UK market, as Kepak revolutionizes the industry

Kepak Foods is introducing a revolutionary Hot Vend Kiosk into the UK market, offering a convenient and quick way for consumers to enjoy hot food on-the-go.

In a major step forward for the automated retail sector, Kepak Foods is launching its Hot Vend Kiosk, which will dispense one of the company’s Cook-in-Box range of burgers within 80 seconds of the user making their choice. The machine has the capacity to hold up to 52 burgers, including options like Cheese Melt, Breakfast Muffin, and Peri Peri Chicken.

Brian Farrell, CEO of Kepak Foods, believes that this new technology will greatly enhance the in-store proposition for their customers and retail partners. The company has worked closely with Automated Retail Technologies to develop this groundbreaking solution, and they plan to initially launch the Hot Vend Kiosk in Luton and Stanstead airports, with future plans to target other busy sectors like mass transit, higher education, and forecourts.

With consumers becoming more conscious of their spending due to the increased cost of living, there has been a significant increase in demand for low-cost grab-and-go options while eating out of home. Kepak has seen a phenomenal 61% increase in demand this year, highlighting the need for workplace and vending solutions. The Hot Vend Kiosk offers a convenient and fuss-free way for customers to enjoy hot food on-the-go 24/7, with touch screen pay and go and quick dispense technology.

Kepak is proud to be the first provider to bring this automated retail solution to the UK market. In addition to the Hot Vend machine, Kepak offers a one-stop solution for those seeking automated retail and vending solutions. They work in partnership with industry-leading businesses across food to go, interior design, and payment technology to provide customers with the ultimate turn-key operation.

Overall, the introduction of the Hot Vend Kiosk by Kepak Foods represents a significant advancement in the automated retail sector. It provides a convenient and efficient way for consumers to enjoy hot food on-the-go, while also meeting the increasing demand for low-cost grab-and-go options. With plans to expand into various busy sectors across the country, Kepak is at the forefront of revolutionizing the vending industry in the UK.

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