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Game-changing Autonomous Drill Rigs: Mining with Tribe Technology

Game-changing Autonomous Drill Rigs: Mining with Tribe Technology

Tribe Technology is revolutionizing the mining industry with its autonomous drill rigs, which address safety concerns and boost productivity. The company’s core vision is to create autonomous rigs tailored for the mining sector, replacing labor-intensive and hazardous manual drilling processes.

In an interview with Proactive’s Thomas Warner, Charlie King, the CEO of Tribe Technology, shared the company’s innovative journey and groundbreaking autonomous drill rigs that he believes will transform the mining industry. Tribe Technology was founded in late 2019 in Western Australia and has since established a headquarters and manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland.

King explains that Tribe’s core vision was to develop autonomous drill rigs specifically designed for the mining sector. The rising global demand for critical minerals, driven by the green energy transition, highlighted the need for more efficient and productive drilling methods. The goal was to replace manual drilling processes, which are often labor-intensive, hazardous, and unproductive, with autonomous technology. Tribe aimed to make the drilling process safer, more productive, and environmentally friendly.

The core innovation of Tribe revolves around autonomous reverse circulation (RC) drill rigs. These rigs operate without human personnel, addressing safety concerns and significantly boosting productivity. The conventional drilling process typically requires three to five operators and poses significant safety risks. Tribe’s autonomous drill rigs prioritize both safety and productivity, providing a 100% increase in productivity while eliminating the hazards associated with manual drilling. For tier-one mining companies that drill millions of meters annually, Tribe estimates that its technology promises a return on investment within four to six months.

King’s hands-on experience in the industry has been invaluable in developing solutions that address real-world problems. His background as a rigger allows him to appreciate the nuances and challenges of the mining industry, giving Tribe Technology a unique perspective.

Newly listed on AIM, Tribe Technology has ambitious plans to compete with major industry players. While their focus is on dominating the RC drilling sector, they also aim to expand into segments that are often overlooked by tier-one Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Tribe’s reputation is growing, with the company becoming the trusted brand to turn to when facing mining industry challenges. Their mission is dedicated to automating the most challenging tasks that others might consider too difficult.

Tribe Technology’s autonomous drill rigs have the potential to revolutionize the mining industry by making the drilling process safer, more productive, and environmentally friendly. With their innovative approach and commitment to addressing industry challenges, Tribe is well-positioned to compete with major players in the mining sector and become a trusted brand in the industry.

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