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Fieracavalli Gallops Back to Verona, a Thrilling Equestrian Extravaganza!

Fieracavalli Gallops Back to Verona, a Thrilling Equestrian Extravaganza!

Fieracavalli, the trade fair dedicated to the equestrian world and related sports, is returning to Verona from November 9th to 12th. This year marks the fair’s 125th anniversary, and it promises to be an impressive event with 2,500 horses of 60 breeds, 35 breeding associations, 700 companies from 25 countries, and over 200 events including competitions, shows, and conventions. The focus of this edition is the special bond between humans and animals, as highlighted by the press campaign, the new Horse Safety System project, and the best of the breeding sector.

One of the highlights of Fieracavalli is the emphasis on the elective affinity between man and animal. This theme is reflected in various aspects of the event, from the press campaign to the new Horse Safety System project. The fair aims to showcase the deep connection between humans and horses and promote responsible and safe interactions between them.

The Horse Safety System project is a new initiative that focuses on ensuring the well-being and safety of horses during the fair. It includes measures such as proper stabling, veterinary care, and monitoring of the horses’ physical and mental health. This project highlights the importance of treating animals with respect and providing them with the care they need.

Furthermore, Fieracavalli will feature the best of the breeding sector, allowing visitors to learn about different horse breeds and their characteristics. This promotes awareness and appreciation for the diversity of horses and the importance of responsible breeding practices.

Federico Bricolo, President of VeronaFiere, expressed his gratitude for the continuous support of various institutions and partners, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests. This collaboration demonstrates the significance of Fieracavalli as a leading event in the Italian equestrian world and beyond.

In addition to the equestrian exhibitions and competitions, Fieracavalli will also host the only Italian leg of the Longines Fei Jumping World Cup, the Fise competitions, the Artè Gold Gala, the Rural Tourism Show, and the second edition of Sapori di Razza with chef Alessandro Borghese. These events further enhance the overall experience of Fieracavalli and attract a diverse range of participants and spectators.

Overall, Fieracavalli’s return to Verona is a celebration of the equestrian world and its enduring appeal. The fair not only offers a platform for showcasing the beauty and diversity of horses, but also emphasizes the special bond between humans and animals. By promoting responsible breeding and safe interactions, Fieracavalli sets a positive example for the equestrian community and encourages a greater appreciation for the environment and animal welfare.

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