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Fashion: Top Beauty Brands Sought After by Leading App

Fashion: Top Beauty Brands Sought After by Leading App

In our upcoming EcoReporter segment, we will be discussing the recent press release from Pocket Styler, the popular mobile styling game. The game has become a global phenomenon since its launch in May 2021, with over 21 million downloads and a dedicated user base. Pocket Styler is now inviting innovative makeup and hair colour brands to partner with them and make a dazzling entrance into the world of fashion gaming.

The Pocket Styler App allows users to craft and personalize their avatars, explore various eye makeup and lip colour options, experiment with hairstyles and hair colours, and create stunning looks for daily themed events. The game’s community of fashion enthusiasts votes on their favourite looks, creating a dynamic virtual fashion scene. With a wide range of clothing looks and thousands of hair, lip, and eye colour combinations to explore, Pocket Styler has captured the imagination of players worldwide.

This presents a unique opportunity for makeup and hair colour brands to showcase their products to a discerning, style-conscious global audience with significant disposable income. Pocket Styler is extending an invitation to these brands to collaborate at no cost and offer digital renditions of their real-world makeup designs or hair colour palettes. Brands will work closely with the Pocket Styler Design team to create exclusive virtual looks inspired by their products, which users can select and wear in the game.

In addition to this collaboration, Pocket Styler can help direct gamers to explore partner brands’ online stores through in-game challenges, effectively raising awareness about the brand’s offerings and potentially boosting brand visibility and website traffic. The game can also serve as a platform for brands to test new concepts within a virtual environment before committing to real-world production, providing valuable insights and opportunities for experimentation.

Victoria Trofimova, co-founder and CEO of Nordcurrent, the creative force behind Pocket Styler, believes that introducing real-world fashion brands into the game is a natural evolution as the game continues to grow and gain support from millions of players. She sees the Pocket Styler Beauty Program as a golden opportunity for brands to enter the realm of virtual fashion and elevate their brand profile to an engaged global audience of fashion-loving players.

To join the Brand Partnership program and seize this opportunity, interested brands can simply email KRISTINA.ALKEVICIUTE@NORDCURRENT.COM. However, spaces are limited, and pitch sessions are scheduled for six weeks from October to mid-November.

Overall, Pocket Styler’s invitation to makeup and hair colour brands presents an exciting opportunity for these brands to showcase their products to a global audience of fashion enthusiasts. By partnering with the game and offering digital renditions of their real-world designs, brands can elevate their visibility and engage with a community of players looking for tomorrow’s big trends.

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