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Emma Hayes slams ’embarrassing’ absence of goal-line technology and VAR in women’s football

Emma Hayes slams ’embarrassing’ absence of goal-line technology and VAR in women’s football

The controversy surrounding Guro Reiten’s disallowed goal highlights the need for goal-line technology and VAR in women’s football, and raises questions about why these technologies are not being invested in.

In a recent match between Chelsea and Tottenham, Chelsea’s Guro Reiten was denied a goal despite the ball clearly crossing the line. The on-pitch officials failed to spot the goal, leaving Reiten and her teammates frustrated. This incident has sparked a debate about the absence of goal-line technology and VAR in women’s football.

Emma Hayes, the manager of Chelsea, expressed her disbelief and embarrassment at the lack of investment in these technologies. She questioned why the women’s game is not benefiting from the same advancements that are available in the men’s game. Hayes argued that if women’s football is considered the top level, it should have access to the same tools that ensure fair play and accurate decision-making.

Hayes also pointed out the inconsistency in the use of technology. While some stadiums have goal-line technology, others do not, creating an imbalance in the game. She called for VAR-lite to be implemented across the league, as it has been proven to work in pre-season games.

Pundits have also weighed in on the issue, emphasizing the importance of technology in defining games. They highlighted that decisions like the one in the Chelsea-Tottenham match could have significant consequences, potentially impacting the outcome of titles, relegation battles, and top-four finishes. They expressed concern about preventable errors and called for change.

The incident with Guro Reiten’s disallowed goal serves as a reminder that women’s football has reached a level where the absence of goal-line technology and VAR is no longer acceptable. The game has evolved, and it is crucial to ensure fairness and accuracy in decision-making. The call for investment in these technologies is growing louder, and it is time for the authorities to take notice and address this issue.

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