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Clothing Donations: Pop-up Shop Boosts Revenue for Donors and Charities

Clothing Donations: Pop-up Shop Boosts Revenue for Donors and Charities

A Londoner has created a resale pop-up shop called Round Retail, which allows people to sell unwanted clothing and donate to local charities. The proceeds are split equally between the donor, a local charity, and the shop itself to cover running costs. This innovative model has already donated over £6,000 to five homelessness charities in London and Southampton.

Round Retail was founded by Annie Hought, who was torn between donating her clothes to charity and making money from them. She decided to split the profits 50/50 and realized the potential of this model. The response from charities has been positive because they can use the funds raised to target their specific needs at any given time.

The fifth location of Round Retail in Brockley, south-east London is currently raising money for The 999 Club, a charity that supports local people at risk of homelessness. The CEO of The 999 Club, Thomas Neumark, expressed excitement about the partnership, as the cost of living crisis has led to an increase in homelessness. Selling clothes in a way that benefits both the donor and the charity is especially valuable in these circumstances.

In addition to supporting charities, Round Retail has also received praise from customers for providing a welcome boost to the high street. Local residents Mina and Tan appreciate the fact that the shop gives back to the community. They also highlight the affordability of the clothing, which is particularly important during a time when shopping can be expensive.

Overall, Round Retail’s innovative approach to selling unwanted clothing is not only benefiting donors and charities but also revitalizing the high street. By giving back to the community and providing affordable options, the shop is making a positive impact on both the environment and local economy.

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