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Clevertouch pioneers AI-powered marketing automation, revolutionizing European consultancy

Clevertouch pioneers AI-powered marketing automation, revolutionizing European consultancy

Clevertouch Consulting Empowers Marketers with AI Marketing Automation

Clevertouch Consulting, formerly known as Clevertouch Marketing, has established a new strategic team to enhance customer conversion from marketing technology (martech) across its European client base. The company is also investing in the development of AI marketing tools, including ContentAI, which improves marketers’ capabilities and reduces the time it takes to launch assets.

In an effort to drive customer conversion and improve productivity in martech, Clevertouch Consulting has formed a new strategic team. The company, previously known as Clevertouch Marketing, aims to bring productivity to the forefront by leveraging AI product development in its proprietary Momentum software. This move comes at a time when marketers are in need of enhanced efficiency.

As part of its rebranding, Clevertouch Consulting has created a senior team that is focused on client revenue generation, customer insights, and conversion metrics. The team is also investing in the development of new powerful AI marketing tools, including ContentAI. This feature within Clevertouch Consulting’s Momentum software allows for the rewriting of email and landing page content, significantly improving marketers’ capabilities and reducing the time it takes to launch assets.

ContentAI is supported by a unique persona toolset, which ensures that the generated content aligns with the tone and personality of the teams and the business. Momentum, the software used by leading brands such as Fujitsu, Atos, and British Land, is designed to maximize productivity within Clevertouch customer marketing teams.

To further strengthen its leadership, Clevertouch Consulting has made a series of promotions and hires. Elaine Webley has been appointed as COO and CMO to lead operations and marketing strategy. Stuart West, previously Vice President International of BrightTALK, will hold the position of Chief Revenue Officer, overseeing the team across its services and SaaS products. Jamie Burrell, responsible for the company’s consulting services, will serve as Chief Strategy Officer. CEO and founder Adam Sharp will provide ongoing leadership and market insights. Additionally, Lucy Larner joins Clevertouch as Chief Financial Officer, bringing her extensive experience in SMB finance roles.

Adam Sharp, CEO at Clevertouch Consulting, emphasized the importance of focusing on revenue delivery, customer conversion, and productivity in today’s challenging economic climate. The company is committed to investing in advanced marketing products and services, leveraging the efficiencies created by AI. The name change reflects the changing nature of the business and the desire for clients to bring martech capabilities in-house, with the support of Clevertouch Consulting to optimize their investment.

In conclusion, Clevertouch Consulting’s new strategic team and AI marketing tools are set to empower marketers and improve productivity in martech. With a focus on revenue generation, customer insights, and conversion metrics, the company is dedicated to providing the best possible business outcomes for its clients.

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