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Cambodian Pub Unites in Roaring Support as Wales Shines in Rugby World Cup

Cambodian Pub Unites in Roaring Support as Wales Shines in Rugby World Cup

Luke Jones and Ross Clarke, two Welsh expats living in Cambodia, have opened three Welsh-themed pubs in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. The pubs aim to bring a taste of Wales to Southeast Asia and have become popular among locals and expats alike.

Luke Jones, originally from Swansea, and Ross Clarke, from Caernarfon, met in a Cambodian pub while looking for a new adventure after living in China and Kazakhstan, respectively. They decided to open a pub together as a place to invite their friends, and their idea quickly grew into a successful business venture.

In November 2021, they officially opened their first pub, The Welsh Embassy, in Phnom Penh. The pub aims to give people an authentic experience of Wales, which is a rare sight in the city that still carries the influence of French colonial control.

The success of The Welsh Embassy led Luke and Ross to open two more pubs, The Welsh Consulate and The Welsh Consulate Siem Reap. These pubs not only serve Welsh-themed drinks but also offer some of Wales’ delicacies, such as Welsh rarebit.

Running the pubs has been an undoubtedly positive experience for Luke and Ross, and all three pubs were officially opened by the British ambassador. The pubs have become popular gathering places for locals and expats, and they even have their own darts team.

Luke and Ross have successfully brought a piece of Wales to Cambodia, filling a gap in the city’s international pub scene. Their story showcases the power of friendship and a shared passion for creating a unique experience for their customers.

As the Rugby World Cup rematch approaches, The Welsh Embassy will welcome fans to watch the game and cheer on Wales, further solidifying its reputation as a hub for Welsh culture and camaraderie in Phnom Penh.

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