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Calibrationhouse Sensor Testing: Discovery Park’s Groundbreaking Investment Signals a New Era of Precision

Calibrationhouse Sensor Testing: Discovery Park’s Groundbreaking Investment Signals a New Era of Precision

Discovery Park, a science and innovation park in Sandwich, Kent, has invested in mobile calibration services provided by Calibrationhouse to improve laboratory sensor testing and ensure compliance with UK safety regulations. This investment has allowed the park to complete annual in-service performance checks on over 120 sensors in under 48 hours, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of its laboratory operations.

Discovery Park is home to a thriving life sciences community, hosting over 50 healthcare companies such as Pfizer, Concept Life Sciences, and Viatris. With its close proximity to other scientific clusters in London, Cambridge, and Stevenage, the park offers a range of business support services and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to these companies, which operate in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare development sectors.

By utilizing Calibrationhouse’s mobile expertise for the first time, Discovery Park has been able to carry out on-site calibration of temperature, humidity, and air pressure sensors across its 20 laboratories. This ensures that the sensors are functioning correctly and within specified performance parameters, while also remaining compliant with regulations set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The provision of specialist UKAS calibration expertise and experience from Calibrationhouse has helped ensure that the park’s facilities are fit-for-purpose, minimizing laboratory downtime and disruption caused by routine test requirements. Richard Tucker, BMS lead at Discovery Park, has praised the ability to conduct on-site performance testing and calibration, as it allows sensors to be quickly calibrated and returned to service without the need for removal and external testing. This saves time and money, benefiting the park’s ongoing lab operations.

Tucker also expressed satisfaction with the service provided by Calibrationhouse, noting its reliability and flexibility in accommodating the array of sensor types in the laboratories. He stated that Discovery Park will continue to use Calibrationhouse for future requirements, as their capabilities are reassuring and their professionalism has alleviated concerns about compliance testing.

In conclusion, the investment in mobile calibration services from Calibrationhouse has proven to be a valuable addition to Discovery Park’s laboratory operations. By conducting on-site performance testing and calibration, the park has ensured the efficient functioning of its sensors while complying with safety regulations. This investment has minimized laboratory downtime and disruption, saving time and money for the park and its tenant companies.

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