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Bloomville’s Revolutionary Pet Wellness Center Takes Animal Health to New Heights

Bloomville’s Revolutionary Pet Wellness Center Takes Animal Health to New Heights

Queny Villanueva’s personal experience with her dogs’ health issues led her to start SavvyBeast Dog Treats, a gourmet pet food and treat line focused on providing good nutrition for pets.

Queny Villanueva’s journey to starting SavvyBeast Dog Treats was inspired by her own dogs’ health issues. After her first dog, Kico, was diagnosed with cancer in 1992, she began researching and learning about the impact of nutrition on animals’ lives. She worked for veterinarian and author Dr. Martin Goldstein, which allowed her to gain further knowledge and experience in the field.

Villanueva’s passion for animals, cooking, and healthy eating, combined with her personal experiences, positioned her perfectly for a transition into creating nutritious pet treats. She started small, cooking food for her own dogs and gradually progressed to working with scientists at Cornell University to develop her first product, DogStars.

DogStars is a boost treat made with ingredients like sweet potato, chia, coconut oil, and real meats. It is designed to provide high protein while also settling the pet’s stomach, making it suitable for pets with allergies. Villanueva also developed other products such as beef jerky made with black angus beef sourced from local farmers and one-ingredient treats like beef heart and beef liver.

All of SavvyBeast’s treats are dehydrated, which enhances the potency of vitamins and nutrients. They also offer salmon oil, made from wild Alaskan salmon, which promotes immune system health, supports joint health, and helps with itching and coat problems.

SavvyBeast Dog Treats has gained popularity among pet owners both locally and nationwide. While they don’t have a physical store, their products are available on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify. Green Earth in Oneonta was their first store to carry their treats and has been supportive of their business from the beginning.

Overall, Queny Villanueva’s dedication to providing good nutrition for pets and her commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients have contributed to the success of SavvyBeast Dog Treats.

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