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Astronaut Tim Peake reveals mind-altering effects of space travel: A transformative journey beyond imagination

Astronaut Tim Peake reveals mind-altering effects of space travel: A transformative journey beyond imagination

In our upcoming EcoReporter segment on ‘Astronaut Tim Peake: Going to space changes you forever’, we explore Peake’s experiences and reflections on being an astronaut. Peake, who became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015, shares his awe and wonder upon arriving at the space station. However, he quickly realizes that the first thing he needs to do is use the toilet and familiarize himself with emergency equipment. Despite the initial routine, Peake describes space as a busy place, comparing it to remote and isolated locations like the Amazon Rainforest or Antarctica.

Peake acknowledges the challenges of being away from family and the constant worry that comes with not being able to support them in case of emergencies. Although he did not struggle with his mental health, he appreciates the support space agencies provide by offering access to a psychologist every two weeks.

Becoming an astronaut was not always Peake’s plan, as he grew up in Britain where there were no astronauts and no space agency until 2010. However, after witnessing Helen Sharman become the first British person in space in 1991, Peake realized that being an astronaut was achievable. He emphasizes the importance of having a STEM background and a strong commitment, professionalism, passion, dedication, and soft skills to be a successful astronaut.

In January of this year, Peake announced his retirement as an ESA astronaut and transitioned to an ambassador role for the agency. Reflecting on his favorite experience, he describes the exhilaration of going on a spacewalk and the feeling of freedom that comes with floating in space. Peake’s new book, titled “Space: The Human Story,” focuses on the experiences of the 628 people who have left Earth and features an iconic photograph of his personal hero, US astronaut Bruce McCandless, during his untethered spacewalk in 1984.

Overall, Tim Peake’s journey as an astronaut highlights the transformative nature of space travel and the importance of passion and dedication in pursuing such a career.

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