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Ashtead Technology’s Game-Changing Rental Partnership with Reach Robotics Revolutionizes the Industry

Ashtead Technology’s Game-Changing Rental Partnership with Reach Robotics Revolutionizes the Industry

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The rental agreement between Ashtead Technology and Reach Robotics is a significant development in the field of subsea robotics, as it enables the rental of all-electric robotic arm solutions for inspection class ROVs. This partnership allows for more cost-effective and efficient inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks in harsh environments, ultimately benefiting the global offshore energy market.

H2 Ashtead Technology Becomes Exclusive Rental Partner for Reach Robotics Manipulators

Ashtead Technology, a renowned international subsea rental equipment and solutions specialist, has recently signed an exclusive rental agreement with Reach Robotics. This Australian-based manufacturer is known for its industry-leading all-electric robotic arm solutions designed for inspection class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Under the terms of the agreement, Ashtead Technology will be the sole rental partner for all Reach Robotics manipulators, which offer advanced capabilities for various subsea tasks.

Reach Robotics’ ROV manipulators are compact, lightweight, and specifically designed to operate in challenging environments. These manipulators provide best-in-class performance and are available in different configurations to suit different applications. Equipped with an advanced software interface with 3D visualization, Reach Robotics manipulators can greatly enhance the capability and efficiency of human operators. When combined with the company’s operator control unit, Reach Control, and the Master Arm, these manipulators enable complex inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks that are typically reserved for more expensive work-class ROVs.

Brett Lestrange, Ashtead Technology’s Regional Director for Europe, expressed excitement about the exclusive agreement with Reach Robotics. Lestrange highlighted how this partnership strengthens Ashtead Technology’s existing inventory of manipulator equipment, allowing them to offer a wider range of solutions to support their customers’ ROV tooling applications. He emphasized that this agreement demonstrates Ashtead Technology’s ongoing commitment to the global offshore energy market by providing the latest and most advanced technologies for their customers’ projects worldwide.

Anders Ridley-Smith, Reach Robotics’ Commercial Director, emphasized the importance of finding the right rental partner. He praised Ashtead Technology for their global reach, reputation, and enthusiasm, and expressed confidence in their ability to maximize the availability and value of Reach Robotics’ electric manipulators. Ridley-Smith also highlighted how this rental agreement is a strategic opportunity for Reach Robotics, supporting the company’s rapid business growth.

Founded in 2016, Reach Robotics aims to extend human reach into harsh environments. Their products enable complex inspection and intervention in various sectors, including maritime infrastructure management, military/police operations, marine science, and autonomous robotics research applications.

This exclusive rental agreement between Ashtead Technology and Reach Robotics marks a significant advancement in subsea robotics. It allows for the rental of cutting-edge robotic arm solutions that can perform critical tasks in challenging underwater conditions. By offering a comprehensive range of solutions, Ashtead Technology demonstrates its commitment to supporting customers in the offshore energy market. The partnership with Reach Robotics provides an opportunity for both companies to expand their reach and deliver excellent results in the field.

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