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Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Surprising Contender for the US Presidency, Here’s Why

Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Surprising Contender for the US Presidency, Here’s Why

that we should all reach out for help and as soon as you have realized that, then you also realize that there are people out there who are waiting to help you. And it’s a great feeling when you can give back and help others as well.” Schwarzenegger emphasizes the importance of both self-motivation and seeking help from others in achieving success.

In his new book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life,” Schwarzenegger aims to provide readers with practical advice and guidance on how to become more successful. The book covers seven key chapters, including topics such as hard work, thinking big, and open-mindedness. Schwarzenegger explains that the idea behind the book came from the realization that people were looking to him for motivation and answers, and he wanted to share his experiences and insights to help others.

When asked about the perception of being a self-made man, Schwarzenegger rejects the notion and emphasizes the importance of seeking help from others. He believes that everyone needs assistance and support along their journey towards success. He expresses his dislike for the idea that one can achieve everything on their own and highlights the numerous individuals who have played a role in his own accomplishments, including his supporters and inspirations.

Overall, Schwarzenegger’s new book aims to inspire and motivate individuals to become more successful in their own lives. By sharing his own experiences and emphasizing the importance of seeking help, he hopes to provide readers with practical tools and guidance to achieve their goals.

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